High Performance Benchtop Cleaners (FSS) - Australian Made

Introducing a new tank option, the FSS range for use with acid based cleaning solutions, specifically citric acid.


Tanks are manufactured in Marine Grade 316 #4, 1.5mm stainless steel. With added thickness and increased corrosion resistance, this will alleviate the problems associated with the use of citric acid. However due care of the product should still be of utmost importance to provide longevity of the ultrasonic tank. As with all our tanks we recommend that the tank be emptied and thoroughly cleaned of any traces of cleaning solution and contaminants that are left over from cleaning cycle. This should be carried out at the end of each cleaning cycle and the tank be stored empty, clean and dry.


In addition to the use of Marine Grade 316 no 4 stainless steel the tanks will be electropolished.


Electropolishing is an electrochemical process that increases the chemical resistance of the stainless steel. The small imperfections within the stainless steel are "flattened" out, resulting in an increased corrosion resistant tank.