The periodic servicing of ultrasonic cleaners prevents one problem creating a string of others. A regular efficiency test should be performed to maintain acceptable levels of cleaning to the items or instruments.

For validation the cavitation meter is a device by which ultrasonic sound wave performance can be assessed within the ultrasonic cleaning chamber.

The sensor probe of the device is immersed into various areas of the tank with the meter reading determining areas of inefficiency.

Aluminium foil is another very accurate method of measuring overall performance levels and is still widely used for in-house and onsite monitoring of sound wave action.

A tag and test service is offered and carried out by a qualified technician to perform the necessary electrical safety test required for portable appliances and equipment. The test is to comply with AS/NZS3760: 2003 including earth leakage current measurements.

A range of cleaners are available for rent at a nominal fee if the customers cleaning needs become urgent as a matter of increased workloads or when equipment is out of service.

Ultrasonic cleaning is breaking new ground constantly and the success with this type of process may need a demonstration or trial to confirm viability.

Unisonics can conduct cleaning of samples supplied or alternatively cleaners can be supplied for onsite testing by the client. The latter is preferable as it can take a variety of test samples and solutions before optimum results are achieved.

Used units & ex-rental units are available for purchase depending on current stock. Increased workloads or where capital outlay is limited argues a good case for back up units with minimal cost outlay.

Trade-ins are offered regardless of the condition or size and are a good way of upgrading equipment to reduce the capital expenditure.