Glen Evans, Airflite
"We used to hand scrub the parts. Now the Unisonics ultrasonic cleaner saves us hours of tedious work by automaticlly cleaning them perfectly."


Alex Reid, Lake Tuggeranong College
"The time saved manually cleaning our engine parts, is now used for teaching the students the future work practices of the automotives trade."

Blind Cleaning

Ian Regeling, owner, A1 Verticare Blinds
"The ultrasonic blind cleaner give us a constant and reliable income stream. We can clean many more blind with the ultrasonic cleaner than we can manually cleaning. Unisonics customer service and after sales care has really help us transform our business into a profitable and productive blind cleaning company."


Dr James Smyth. Manly Orthodontics
"A great Australian cleaning machine backed up by fantastic customer service."

Janine, Dental nurse, A Better Dental Care
"We are very happy with the service Unisonics and splendid performance of the ultrasonic cleaner."

Dive equipment

Liam Allem, Dive Center Bondi
"Over the last 8 years we have been using the unisonics ultrasonic cleaner regularly. It has proven itself reliable and and became cash flow positive in the first couple of months usage. Our dive regulators come up perfectly clean every time we ultrasonicly clean."


Ben Wagner. Operations Manager, MainTrain
"Our ST108MH ultrasonic is a real labour saver, when restoring mechanical parts. We have also decreased the fluid input and disposal costs by converting from the manual turpentine brush cleaner to the ultrasonic cleaners using biodegradable water based fluids. The cavitation process in the ultrasonic cleaners gets into the hard to reach areas of the parts, cleaning them up like new without damage to the delicate pieces."

Quentin Vahl-Meyer, Geelong Textiles, Australia.
"The Unisonics ultrasonic cleaner has halved our cleaning time when compared with the other brands of ultrasonic cleaners we have used."

Jewellery Cleaning

Kevin Campbell, Campbells Jewellery
"Over the years I've found the ultrasonic cleaner has saved me many hours of tedious and dirty work. This has allowed me to indulge in the more interesting and creative parts of my clock fixing and jewellery business."


Peter Beavis, CSIRO.
"Cleaning delicate instruments with maximum efficiency and precision is a daily occurrence with the unisonics ultrasonic cleaner. The ultrasonic cleaner is essential in our cell division experiments and when creating emulsions. CSIRO have several of the Unisonics ultrasonic cleaners. We are happy to recommend the Unisonics ultrasonic cleaner to any lab wanting to save time and money."


Gail Obrien, Nurse Unit Manager, Billington Centre
Randwick Private Hospital
"The Unisonics ultrasonic cleaner is very reliable and I like dealing with this local company that give great customer service."

Gavan Robinson, Anaesthetic & Recovery num. Hunters Hill Private Hospital, Ramsay Health Care.
"The Ultrasonic cleaner is doing everything it should be doing, day in day out. CSSD is very happy with the high performance Unisonics ultrasonic cleaner."

Amanda Kim , Nurse Manager, Brisbane Endoscopy Services.
"Brisbane Endoscopy services has been using a Unisonic Ultrasonic cleaner since June 2005. We have found the Ultrasonic cleaning cuts down the labour time for the operators who can automatically clean the surgery instruments using ultrasonics. The capital expenditure for the machine was low compared with the results it achieves and the time it saves our nurses. I have no hesitation in recommending Unisonics ultrasonic cleaners to anybody wanting to clean hospital instruments fast and effectively."


Jess Pusey Manager, Abandoned Art Tattoo Studio
"After using the Unisonics ultrasonic cleaner over the last couple of years we wouldn't dream of using any other ultrasonic brand. It's proven itself every day giving us reliable thorough cleaning. Unisonics customer service is spot on. We are now ordering another Unisonics ultrasonic cleaner for our other tattooist opening soon."


Dr Irving Liaw, University of Melbourne
"Best value ultrasonic cleaner."