Ultrasonic Ozone Vegetable Fruit Sterilizer


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Ultrasonic Ozone Vegetable Fruit Sterilizer

● No Scrubbing! The Ultrasonic food washer uses principle of ultrasonic
● reactive oxygen to remove 98.9% of agricultural chemicals from fruits and vegetables easily and effectively
● The ozone eliminates odors, chlorine, and other chemicals, viruses and germs. Use it on fruits, vegetables, kitchenware, baby toys, and more

Ultrasonic cleaning:

The ultrasonic cleaning process provides high quality cleaning and exceeds, by ease of use and end result, conventional cleaning methods. The tiny microscopic bubbles generated by the transducers provide cleaning of very difficult, irregular and complex parts. Even inaccessible areas can be cleaned without any trace of physical cleaning (scratches, etc...).

The ultrasonic cleaning is applied in a diverse number of sectors:
Vegetables and fruits—To remove 98.9% pesticides.
Rice—Remove pesticides and disinfection.
Meat—Remove clenbuterol. 
Fish—Sterilization and cleaning.
Kitchen utensil cleaning: chopping board, knife, fork Other cleaning: jewelry, metal, watch chain, glasses, shaver, denture, baby articles 

Model KD-6002 
Voltage AC220~240V, 50Hz 
OSO capacity ≥ 200mg/h
Ozone consume power ≤10W
Ultrasonic consume power 100W
Ultrasonic frequency 40KHz
Capacity 12.8L
Time Setting 3-6-9 minutes, 5-10-15 minutes, 8-16-24 minutes
Drainage Have
Cleaning basket Have

Packing Information:
Tank size(mm) 340×310×150 (L×W×H)
Overall size(mm) 415×375×230 (L×W×H)